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Volunteering at the Lakewood Police Department

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Volunteers Are Welcome at the Lakewood Police Department

Since its inception, the Lakewood Police Department’s goal has been to develop a strong partnership with the community. This objective has been accomplished primarily by our citizen volunteers, who contribute an average of 14,000 hours each year, offering their energy and expertise every day to benefit the community.

Volunteers who join the Volunteer Support Team are active in all divisions of the department and perform a variety of tasks. Training requirements vary by position, many of which require volunteers to successfully complete  the Citizen Police Academy Program, the Volunteer Support Team basic training and other special instructions.

Lakewood Volunteer Opportunities

The Lakewood Police Employee Assistance Foundation

For individuals that are interested in making a contribution but do not have the time to volunteer, the Lakewood Police Employee Assistance Foundation (LPEAF) may be a option for you!  LPEAF was founded in 2007 for the purpose of assisting Lakewood Police Department employees during a time of financial need. The beneficiaries of this fund may include any current sworn or civilian employee, any retired employee with 20 years of consecutive service, and any volunteer. The LPEAF is a 501c3 tax-exempt charity.


To learn more about LPEAF visit the foundation's website at:


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8/6/2019  4 p.m. - 9 p.m.


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How do I become a volunteer?
How often do you accept new volunteers?
What can I do as a volunteer?
Do I need to complete the Citizen Police Academy in order to volunteer?
Are volunteers sworn police officers? Do they use weapons?
What is the minimum time commitment?
What training do I need?
When can I volunteer?
Who do I contact to get started?
Who volunteers?


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