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Mayor's Inspiration Award

There are remarkable people and organizations in our community!

Mayors Inspiration AwardAnd it's time to recognize their inspiring work and commitment with the Mayor’s Inspiration Award!

The award acknowledges those who have made a significant impact in our community by recognizing contributions in community engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness, diversity and innovation. 





Nominate an Inspiration Leader in 2019

Multiple awards may be presented in each of the following categories:

  • Youth: any individual under the age of 18
  • Individual: any individual age 18 or older
  • Organization: any business, association, service organization, nonprofit, team or group
  • In Memoriam: a special category for Lakewood's 50th Anniversary. Nominate someone who made an impact during his or her time in Lakewood.
NOTE: Nominations will be open April 15 - July 1, 2019


“To inspire is to ignite passion for community”- Mayor Adam Paul

See Our Inspiring Past Winners!


More Information:

Kaitlin Gault

Nomination Instructions & Form

Submit a nomination in three easy steps: 

1. Determine if the person or organization is eligible. 
The Mayor’s Inspiration Award recognizes people making extraordinary contributions to the Lakewood community, in four categories: youth (under 18), individuals, organizations, and in memoriam.

2. Identify your nominee’s achievement areas and strengthen your nomination.
Identify how your nominee has made a significant and positive impact on the Lakewood community. The Mayor’s Inspiration Awards are selected by a panel of evaluators and based on a select set of criteria. See the award criteria below to learn about how the nominations are evaluated. 

3. Nominate!
Once you have learned about the awards, you are ready to complete a strong nomination for your nominee. All nominations must be completed on the online nomination form; attach additional documents as needed.


Online Nomination Form

 Nomination Deadline: 5 p.m., July 1, 2019

Questions: Kaitlin Gault, 303-987-7050, 


Mayor’s Inspiration Award Criteria

Mayor’s Inspiration Award Achievement Areas
How has the City of Lakewood become a better place because of the Nominee's actions? Did they collaborate across different sectors or include diverse groups in their actions? Were they innovative, making a positive impact in the community? 


Award Evaluation Criteria
A panel of evaluators, Lakewood staff, volunteers and Mayor Paul will evaluate the nominations based on how well the nominees meet the following criteria:


  • Civic Engagement and Collaboration - Explain the nominee’s level of civic engagement and use of collaboration that crosses sectors (business, local, government, nonprofits, etc.) and regions that contribute to the success of Lakewood.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity - How has the nominee recognized and involved diverse segments and perspectives as an inspiration to Lakewood?
  • Innovation - Explain the nominee’s use of creativity, initiative and how they leverage community resources that exemplifies success and has directly impacted the Lakewood community.
  • Impact and Value to the Community - What demonstrable, significant and measurable achievements has the nominee made to the Lakewood community? 
  • Share a Story - Please share a story with the selection committee including specific examples of why the nominee should be recognized. Include displays of leadership, problem solving and acting as a role model.