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Get a bin and join in

Lakewood’s Sustainability Division is kicking off an educational initiative to help you discover how you can recycle more at home and in your community.

Dubbed “Recycle! It’s good for Lakewood,” the initiative has been developed after talking with Lakewood residents like you, including in detail with a focus group, for ideas and suggestions. While the effort is designed to build awareness, Sustainability Manager Jonathan Wachtel said it’s also an opportunity to continue the discussion about ways to increase recycling in the community because research shows that cities with strong recycling rates are healthier and cleaner.

You will see colorful fliers, posters and ads in a variety of places in the coming months with easy-to-remember messages often centered on the symbol of a recycling bin or container. The messages remind you that recycling is something we all can do every day no matter where we are. You can get a bin and join in by signing up for curbside recycling at home with your trash hauler. When you are out shopping or enjoying the great outdoors, instead of throwing your items in the trash, you can use the recycling bins provided in stores and in Lakewood’s parks. Every item thrown in the recycling bin is one less item buried in a landfill.

A survey that the Sustainability Division conducted two years ago found that more than 90 percent of Lakewood residents who answered the survey said they wanted more recycling options and to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. The city’s citizen surveys conducted every few years also has found that Lakewood residents consistently cite Lakewood’s parks, open spaces and quality of life as their top reasons for living in the city. Using what residents said they wanted and valued in those surveys, the initiative lets residents know that curbside recycling and other efforts keep Lakewood clean and green.

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Posted on: Friday, March 09, 2018